Greetings from Secretary General

Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisors, and Friends,

It is my honor and privilege to welcome you to the seventeenth annual session of the Chicago Model United Nations Conference. ChoMUN XVII will be held from Thursday, April 17th through Sunday, April 20th, 2014 at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago, and I hope that everyone will make the trip to the Windy City to be a part of this very special event.

Building upon seventeen years of history, ChoMUN has continually grown and developed from a small project for a group of UChicago students to the national conference it is today. While we have expanded, we have not lost the focus or passion that drove that first conference.

At ChoMUN, we seek to challenge traditional notions of what a crisis committee should be. By looking to push the boundaries of a standard Model UN committee, we allow our delegates the chance to in turn, to compete on something unlike anything they’ve done before. At the center of our conference are the 22 committees which will be run this year: they make up the heart and soul of everything this conference hopes to be. These committees not only cover all parts of the globe but also span thousands of years of history. From the formation of the greatest empire in history with Patres Patriae: Fathers of the Fatherland to the crumble of another empire in Boris Yeltsin’s Last Drink, there is the opportunity to become a great political decision maker at crucial moments in history. As a conference we challenge delegates to keep pace with a committee as it moves across time and space. From the creation of a new religion for the Nauvoo Legion as it seeks to find its own home in the great American West to the court of the Mughal Empire, as it builds itself over centuries into a formidable power, all of this year's committees demonstrate wide variety and diversity. In the debating chambers of the Great Hall of the People during the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, individuals from all backgrounds must work to make China the greatest nation; but upon the seas a pirate fleet seeks to assert its own power in the Joint Crisis Committee: The Qing Empire vs. Ching Shih’s Pirate Fleet.

Ultimately, what I promise from ChoMUN is not just some of the most diverse, dynamic crisis committees but a world class conference as well. Until I have the privilege of gaveling ChoMUN XVII to a close, we will work tirelessly to solve any issues that arise and ensure the best committee and overall experience for everyone involved. Myself, the rest of the ChoMUN Secretariat, and all of the staff are constantly striving to improve ChoMUN, and I am confident that this year we will exceed our expectations. We look forward to seeing you this spring in Chicago!


Arun Abraham-Singh